Many people buy specialty eyewear for increased eye safety. This eyewear can be in the form of safety glasses, sports goggles or shooting glasses. Safety eyewear is made of ultra-durable materials and provides more coverage than regular glasses, such as in the form of a wraparound design or top and side panels. You can also get other features like anti-fog styling or spring hinges.

Safety glasses consist of a safety frame and safety lenses. A safety frame is sturdier than most "dress frames" and not easily bent or broken. Some have side shields, and some don't, depending on your specific job.

Safety lenses are usually polycarbonate, which is basically jet windshield plastic that is very unlikely to break, even when shot with a bullet!

Safety Glasses they are really helpful in decreasing workplace eye injuries. In fact, those who do a lot of shop work at home should also consider wearing safety eyewear. After all, you only have two eyes.